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Timeline v1.1.0


Online ! You can access it by clicking here.


This project is open-source and available on a Github repository, accessible here.


Simple github repositories update timeline ⌚

This project use JSX, he's made with React and Typescript.

Some technologies are used too:

It's a website who get your repositories using the github API and show you a timeline of your latest updated repositories.

The actual website in production use Github Pages doesn't work. You will see a message telling that the token are not valid. The reason is I can't let my github token in the source code of the application.

If you want to setup in local the application, you juste need to follow the readme's instructions in the github repository.

Example with my repositories

Timeline Exemple

You will see a some details related to the repositories, like :

  • Title
  • Description
  • Stars count
  • Forks count
  • Time elapsed since last update (using moment.js)


MIT Licensed