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CDN v1.2.3


Online ! You can access it by clicking here.


This project is open-source and available on a Github repository, accessible here.


Homemade CDN created to host a lot of things. Like files, images, pdfs, zip...

This website is easy to configure, you just need to edit two configuration files. He contains some available features, like : listing, simple/multiple upload, simple/multiple download. In the online version, some features are not accessible from everyone, they need to be authenticated.

Below, you can see the homepage of the website. You can see the login section, the search bar, and the links to navigate to the differents features.

CDN Homepage



Note that the project is not using any database. THe he search is made by reading the shared directories and searching for occurences in the name of the files/folders.

  • You can search a file by name/extention only.

The first feature is the search bar. It allows you to search for a file or a folder in the current directory. It is possible to search for a file or a folder by name.

CDN Search feature

Download in zip format

The second feature is the download part. It allows you to choose a file or multiple files to download them in a zip format.

CDN Download feature

Upload files


Take care, some checks are made before uploading a file.

  • If the file already exists, it will be renamed with an uuid at the start of the name.
  • If the file is too big, it will be rejected.
  • If the extension is not allowed, it will be rejected.

The third feature is the upload part. It allows you to upload a file or multiple files.

CDN Upload feature



The CLI is not maintained anymore. Take care if you want to use it.

The command line interface is available here.

This CLI allows you to upload files to the CDN. Some options are available, for more information, you can use the --help option.


Vladimir Sacchetto

Vladimir Sacchetto


MIT Licensed